Monday, July 19, 2004

MCF Saturday

More movies Saturday at Microcinema Fest in Rapid City.
ORANGES--REVENGE OF THE EGGPLANT:  A crazy comedy featuring various fruits and vegetables trying to foil an archvillain's revenge scheme.  Opens with an eye-popping army invasion of "Bananastan" but after a while the story becomes involving enough that you sort of forget how much puppetry work and scale modeling went into every single scene.  Really a neat achievement.
AMERICAN INDIAN GRAFFITI:  Technically poor, emotionally rich story about two best friends who share tragic pasts, and the various people whose lives intertwine theirs, was probably the worst shot feature I saw in the festival but the most emotionally resonant.  I actually was teary-eyed a few times--though they were manly tears.  The feature won awards for best supporting actor and screenplay.  If they get their tech in line these guys are really going to have something good in the future.
INDULGENCE:  Goofy dark comedy feature about a straight-arrow kid who meets a cute nurse and decides to chuck all his inhibitions in order to win her, leading to a long night of debauchery.  Offbeat to say the least, but with an uplifting message that you don't need to drink paint to fit in.
THECAMPUSHOUSE.COM:  I only sat in for about half of this by-the-numbers horror feature about a spooky house that of course some people decide to host a reality show in.
EXHUMED:  Inventive zombie outing looks to be three seperate shorts--samurai fighting zombies, a 40s film noir undead piece, and a 70s-flavored drive-in-looking post-apocalyptic undead battle--but you find out that all three are tied together, although shot in wildly different fashions.  Unique presentation, neat storytelling.
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EDalton said...

Hey, hottie. Love the picture, even though you might be a little bit of a cyber geek. Love you

John Oak Dalton said...

My beloved wife checks in! Thankfully I left out the accounts of strip clubs, hookers, and all-night coke parties in my tale of Microcinema Fest.