Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Return from Rapid City

My blog's brief silence was a result of being at Microcinema Fest in sunny Rapid City, South Dakota last week. Two days of teaching and 18 movies later and I'm back in the real world.

Teaching the "Film Boot Camp" at the Dahl Arts Center with Jason Santo proved very rewarding. We had between 20-30 people there both days, local students and adults, and covered a wide range of topics lickety-split. I hope they got as much of a charge from our presentations as I did getting to meet so many interested and interesting people. The best part of microcinema is that you get to hear the voices that generally go unheard. I hope some of these people gird their loins, pick up a camera, and leap over the precipice.

Today I'm catching up on everything that went fallow in my absence; more tomorrow.

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The Furnace said...

Good to have you back - can't wait to hear the stories from the fest.