Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Blind Man With A Pistol

I've got to play the tighten up and get ready for Gen Con the day after tomorrow. Here's the opening salvo to "Bride of the Skinflayer," a hack-and-slash dungeon crawl my brother and I are running at 4 p.m. Thursday:

Blood runs the streets in the cursed port city of Shaddalyn, where the cold shadow of chaotic evil lies overhead like a shroud. But no place reeks of dark misdeeds like The Flayed Goblin, a scabarous tavern choked with the backwash of human debris. For servitors of blackest night who hunger to scour the world of shining good, it is the ideal place for elbow-lifting and throat-slitting…

I've got a five-page all-chrome version (add your own dungeon or run it with a random dungeon) and a twenty-page full-bore version (still a few things to polish up though, probably post-Gen Con) that I would be glad to email anyone who would like to read it or run it.

Still working on my d20 Modern "Among Us" and my Marvel SAGA Centurions/West Coast Avengers Team-Up.

Also working up some coverage on the second draft of a script for a pal I made at Microcinema Fest. Lots in the hopper.

More tomorrow; until then, give me a shout at johnoakdalton@hotmail.com.

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