Thursday, August 05, 2004

Zorro's Black Whip

I'm feeling kinda linky today, so here's an interesting article about guerilla drive-ins, which I snitched from Cinema Minima. Great idea.

Check out First Look Rentals, sort of a Netflix for independents, who have been sending me some good screeners to review at Microcinema Scene. The other night I saw a Twilight Zone-flavored drama called "Ghosts of Hamilton Street" that was well-shot, and well-plotted enough that it might have brought a smile to Rod Serling's lips. Then I started watching a doc called "2000 Miles to Maine" about hiking the Appalcahian Trail that's pretty good, too, lots of little character studies about the many, many people trying to fulfill their dreams, with most washing out. I wish First Look luck, it's a neat service.

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