Friday, August 20, 2004

The Bride Wore Black

"Bride of the Skinflayer" seemed to go over well in two gaming sessions at Gen Con yesterday. I got home at 1:30, back up at 6:30, at it again. Today my brother and I are running the Axis and Allies Combined Rules game variant and hopefully hitting the sales floor to see what's new.

I was a little anxious about heading to the Con yesterday because my work and home life is closing in a bit tight right now, but when I saw the herd of guys in their comic book and gaming and hard rock tee shirts, backpacks in tow, marching towards the Indianapolis Convention Center, regaling each other with dungeon crawls gone by, my heart soared, as I was among my people once again.

The first thing I heard when I entered the Con was a woman shouting to her child, "Jean-Luc, don't run so far ahead!" I was in the right place, alright.

I haven't done a Daily Dirt meme in a while, so here's one:

1. What is your favorite kind of candy?

Junior Mints and York Peppermint Patties; any mint candy where I can get the sensation.

2. If you were a jolly rancher, what flavor would you be? WHY?

I really don't know much about these. Is there a "white chocolate?" That's me, smooth but with soul.
Okay, probably I'm a sour apple.

3. Are you big on gum?

I have gotten into the habit of chewing mint gum before meetings and so on which has sort of grown into a general policy of gum chewing, which curiously I had avoided as a teen because of braces. I don't know how to blow a bubble, though.

4. Is there one candy you can't stand?

Things that don't make sense in nature, like those foamy orange "circus peanuts"and those strange burnt-tasting "Boston Baked Beans."

5. Do you like the classic candy better, or the recent kinds?

There are a lot of kooky variants of traditional candy bars out right now, but since I had and enjoyed a Snickers Crunch recently I would say classics with a modern twist.

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