Monday, August 23, 2004

A Swell-Looking Babe

Tired after a long four days of gamemastering at Gen Con, but enjoyed it all and I am hopefully ready for a new creative burst of game design and gaming. Put out some feelers for interest in some game module writing with mixed results.

I saw a guy whose short I reviewed favorably on a while back at a booth hawking his latest feature. I was reaching for it when I casually asked if he had seen my last review of his work. He said rather frostily "I don't read REVIEWS," at which time my hand inched away from my wallet and I wished him luck.

My d20 Modern version of AMONG US that I ran at the Con ended a bit differently than the movie. The guy playing Billy D'Amato was a bit more, let's say proactive, and tried to ambush the Bigfoot with a pitchfork during the rock assault on the cabin. Bigfoot is a peaceful creature, but not willing to let himself be impaled on a pitchfork, so he killed Billy with one paw swipe. Luckily his DP Ray caught the whole thing on film, making him a millionaire.

Whether this would have been a better ending to the movie is up for readers to decide.

More tomorrow; until then, I'm at


The Furnace said...

It can be a lot of fun to go back and think of different endings (after it's all said and done - while writing it's just maddening). It's the whole "what if...". Like what if someone did die, who would it have been? What if the expert stayed behind and they all thought he died sacrificing himself, but in reality he went to live among the Bigfoot like Jane Goodall?

I've already got ideas for the sequel, but they're along the lines of "Aliens" as compared to "Alien." "Billy is recruited by a group of gung ho hunters to try and bring down the biggest game around..."

John Oak Dalton said...

The Polonia Brothers would like to do two sequels: ABOVE US, about alien abductions; and BELOW US, about sea monsters like the Loch Ness creature. I have some ideas for the alien abduction one, the other I don't have a clue what might happen. It depends on sales, as always, as to whether these see the light of day.