Monday, August 09, 2004

Boxer's Blow

Unfortunately I need to be brief today as I am still feeling the aftershocks of what appears to be a case of food poisoning from my wife's cousin's wedding Saturday night, which seemed to have gone through about a third of the attendees as reported in an informal poll conducted by my mother-in-law, which I ensured that I would get by having both the fried chicken and the pork chop. I was so sick I actually watched a Dolph Lundgren movie on TV. I also promised to start leading a healthy lifestyle of diet and exercise if I would live to see another day So far I have not broken this promise.

Every once in a while I like to draw rather poorly-rendered comics, more so when I was a kid before I realized that the word balloons were getting bigger than the comics panels and I switched over to pretty much only writing. I still think it's therapeutic from time to time. So I sent a little 'zine comic I did to Broken Frontier to try to win some comic books they were giving away (and since the drawing was at random and not based on artistic merit I figured I had a great chance), and surprisingly they wrote about my 'zine here. They also, in my opinion, scanned the worst page I drew. Oh well.

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