Monday, August 02, 2004

Terror Squad

I started my blog a year ago this month. I originally thought I would have been sick of it before Christmas. Some loyal readers may wish my first thought had come true.

A year ago, according to my blog, I was working on a rewrite of an urban action script, THE PAYBACK MAN, for director Ivan Rogers (in development); had just finished the polish on the Polonia Brothers' RAZORTEETH (in post now); and was just starting on a solo writing project for the Bros, DEMON ON A DEAD END STREET (status up in the air).

I also felt old for the first time when the barber shaved my earlobes. Now I'm a year older than that.

This weekend I played the newly-released RISK: GODSTORM variant with my son, brother, and loyal companion The Caveman. Nice variant, for people that wore their RISK game out in the 80s like I did, with some historic interest and context. I was the Babylonians, a close second until war in the Underworld went against me.

This weekend I worked up some coverage on a script for a filmmaker I met at Microcinema Fest. He has a pretty good start on something with a lot of potential. I hope to report more on this project later.

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