Monday, November 15, 2004

Alexander Nevsky

My wife made one of my deepest fantasies come true this weekend.

When I was in high school the cafeteria served a dish that nobody I talk to believes was served, or that anyone I met has heard of. It was, simply, a hot dog, with a perfectly sculpted round scoop of snowy-white mashed potatoes on top, and a bold yellow square of melted cheese over that. I believe this savory delight was called the One-Eyed Jack.

My wife fried some italian sausage, then threw in some pierogies and at the last minute sprinkled it wit a cheese blend. The minute it passed my lips I realized: it was a One-Eyed Jack. One for a more sophisticated era, but one nonetheless. My offer to dub it the One-Eyed Beth was declined.

Another of my deepest fantasies is to build my own low-power TV station, and that could be filled right here. Everything's coming up roses.

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