Monday, November 08, 2004

Das Geheimnis der schwarzen Handschuhe

I've decided to pull the plug on my National Novel Writing Month blog. I only wrote two thousand words the first week, and needed about ten thousand to stay in the game. Too much going on right now, and two new projects in the hopper made me decide to keep GHOST SCREAM for another day.

I went to visit my brother-in-law Sunday and my ten-year-old nephew drew a picture on a napkin of "the food chain" that I just had to keep. It showed a kangaroo being shot by a man with a gun, who was being attacked by a vampire bat, who was about to be stung by a giant bee, who was about to be bit by a snake. And they say elementary schools are on the decline.

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The Furnace said...

Suggestion: instead of writing it as a novel through the month, use the contest as a motivation to turn that story into a screenplay. A lot less writing, and you'll still be able to use the story. Just a thought.