Thursday, November 04, 2004

Paura Nella Città Dei Morti Viventi

Four more years (of turning the channel really fast when I see George Bush on TV)!

On the way home yesterday I saw a political sign which read "hope" that had been knocked over, presumably by the icy wind, and splattered with mud. It sounds like allegory, but it really happened. Thus ends my political discourse.

I updated Ghost Scream over at my National Novel Writing Month blog. I am glad I started it. I feel my modest writer's block that I was starting to feel trapped by beginning to thaw.

Yesterday I was matched with a new Little Brother in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program. Harold is my third little brother. Oddly, I found out that his mother was a high school classmate of my second little brother Anthony. It made me realize how much time has passed since I got involved in the program, way back in 1987. I believe my first little brother from the program, Brian, is 30 years old. Funny how the world spins 'round. Harold is a really nice, big-hearted kid who gave me a Matchbox car to memorialize the first day of our match. It is sitting on my desk at work.

A long-time reader asked if I had found an agent yet, as I posted a while back. Unfortunately the floating world has intervened a bit and I have yet to embark on that rocky path. But thanks for reminding me!

Hopefully I can talk about some potential new projects soon. Until then I am at

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