Friday, November 12, 2004

El Santo Contras Las Mujeres Vampiro

On Fridays I like to do blog memes; here's an unusually chatty one from Four for Friday, with answers off of the top of my head:

Q1: If you were given the opportunity to perform in the circus, and you knew ahead of time that you would not fail, what would you do?

Drive the tiny car.

Q2: You've just been hired to a promotions position at a major breakfast cereal company. What would you put in a new cereal box as a gimmick?

A Mego action figure.

Q3: Who is the most famous or well known person you've had a face-to-face encounter with?

Probably Richard "Riff Raff" O'Brien from "The Rocky Horror Picture Show," whose son Linus worked for me when he was a college student, and I met the weekend of his college graduation. The first time I went to England, I turned on the TV after a long plane ride and there he was, in a show called "The Ink Thief." Linus is now a popular DJ and one of the most talented people I've met.

Q4: Can you comfortably eat alone in a restaurant with nothing to do at the table but eat, i.e., nothing to read, no earphones to hear music thru, no one to talk with, etc.?

No, it's a bit difficult, perhaps because I've never really been single or been alone much. As an example, I have never learned to play Solitaire, on a PC or IRL.

Oh, and the verdict's in--my daughter has a fractured nose, so the play is still in but the home opener against the Union Rockets tomorrow morning is out.

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