Monday, September 29, 2003

Instant Karma

So I've heard "What's Going On?" on the radio four times in the last few days; as well as that song "Night Shift" which mentions Marvin Gaye. Is it Marvin Gaye's birthday, is it just in heavy rotation, or is it some sort of portent? I am a believer in portents; whether they signal something about to happen or cue something in your mind that you were thinking about making a connection to anyway is up for debate. Now I just need to figure what "What's Going On?" or Marvin Gaye or 70s soul exactly means to me right now.

While I sort all of that out, here's more from AMONG US:

Billy is resolutely pacing across the trails.
I'm still watching the woods, and waiting...Had I wished for something different at this point, well yeah. I thought we were on the cusp of something...but I always think that.
He walks and thinks.
Like with, you know, Jennifer. Back when I was making "Hunger of Bigfoot," I thought I was on the fast track. I was going to go out to L.A., get some big-time directing a "Friday the 13th" or a Freddie movie. Then maybe call her up and say, hey. You know...after I made it. When I was somebody.
Yeah, well.
He finally sits on a log.
Funny thing is, Jennifer stayed back in her hometown and did it for herself. Has a nice little business. They've got a lot of heavy books in there. So, you know, you wonder.
Billy looks at the sky, then finally back at the camera.
You're going to run a magnet over that part, right, Ray?
Jennifer dangles her feet in the current.
This has been an...interesting outing, but I'm going to have to get back to the store here in the next few days. I can't say I'm sorry for the experience, though.
Jennifer looks at her toes in the water.
It's funny to say that I'm happy to have done something with Billy again. But he has a way of drawing you into his projects. His optimism. If you really look at it, he's been spinning straw into gold for years. You might not be a fan of all his projects, have to admire what he's done. He's a dreamer. And sometimes I wonder if there are really that many left in the world.
Jennifer looks off across the water. Then she stops short and squints.
Hey Ray...was that over there yesterday?

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