Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Ain't Even Done With The Night

For everyone who wanted to know exactly what SEX MACHINE from director Christopher Sharpe is all about, especially all the kids at my daughter's high school who think I'm mixed up in porn, here's a summary from the newly-launched website:

Frank wakes up in a room full of dead bodies with a warm gun in his hand and no memory of who he is. To make matters worse he has apparently been the victim of scientific experimentation gone awry which has left him with a body that is not entirely his own. One of Frank's strange new features is a mysterious tattoo on his arm that reads "Sex Machine." As Frank's memory gradually returns, he manages to find his way back home where he reunites with his best friend and his traumatized ex-girlfriend. His only desire is to lead a normal, quiet life, but he is haunted by the mystery of what happened to him. As he begins to unravel the mystery, it threatens to destroy the life that he holds dear. If that sounds overly serious and self important, it's probably because we forgot to mention the gratuitous bowling, ancient Nazi war criminals and exotic dancers with a taste for murder.

You can read a lot of cool info about this project, which I am very excited about, right here. There's even a bio about me that eschews reality a bit by calling me a "well-known screenwriter in the low-budget film community." Woo hoo!

In sporting news, my daughter's sectional track meet was a bust yesterday due to a tornado warning that drove everyone inside the high school. Nobody fools around with tornadoes in Indiana. In the spring, every other day is the anniversary of somebody's school getting knocked down (including my kid's school, back in the 70s, and one of their rivals down the road as well). We were lined up in the halls, just like the drills we did back in the day, and surprisingly I saw two people I went to high school with, there with their own kids, and it was the early 80s all over again.

You know, I look at footage of mudslides and earthquakes in California and people boarding up their windows against hurricanes in Florida and I think "Not me, brother," but it's all perspective. In Indiana a tornado will tear through and flatten everything and everybody will just look around the next morning and go, "Okay, time to build a new town."

The other thing people who don't live in Indiana flat don't understand is why we don't observe Daylight Savings Time. It can get confusing as hell, because cable TV shows jump around, but other than that I can't see any reason for it. But tell that to a non-Hoosier, and they will look at you like you advocated sacrificing a goat to Satan.

Oh, and we love high school basketball. Nothing will get my eyes misty like hearing the Star Spangled Banner in a full gym as our kids get ready to go against a cross-county rival on a Friday night. There's nothing like it, anywhere, methinks.

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Thanks for the plug. Casting is this Saturday! Glad you are excited.