Friday, May 14, 2004

Dear Mr. Fantasy

So somebody found my blog by typing into a search engine: "what did john dalton come up with to see small things?".

Since the untimely demise of my favorite blog meme FridayFive I've been sniffing around for another one, and found Daily Dirt, which is also pretty good:

1. Do you speak any other languages than the one you speak everyday?
Sadly, hardly.

2. Would you like to speak another language?
Yes, Japanese, to understand anime and manga, and Spanish, because it's everywhere.

3. Have you ever tried to learn how to speak another language?
I know a little Chinese, Korean, and Japanese, from my summer spent in a Far East Exchange program while an undergraduate.

4. If so how did that turn out?
I never had to speak much Korean or Japanese because so many people spoke English, but in China I got to use my language skills fairly often, that I still remember just enough to be polite at Chinese restaurants.

5. Have you ever tried to speak another language without knowing what you were saying?
Probably Klingon.

My daughter's off to prom tomorrow, and my wife is off to a writer's retreat starting the day after. More dark days to follow.

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