Monday, May 03, 2004

Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)

A long weekend, but yesterday was nice as it was my wife's birthday. She claimed it was the coldest weather on her birthday ever.

It can finally be revealed that her best friend and I bought a painting from this woman for my wife. My wife met her in New Orleans on a recent visit and was really surprised to get some of her work, adding to our (hardly started) art collection. Of course, it still hasn't arrived in the mail yet. I keep telling myself that it's the thought that counts.

We also ate at Welliver's with the whole family, a great smorgasbord. Any place that has chicken livers is A-OK in my book.

Even though I decried 13 GOING ON 30 a week or so ago in my blog, it was the only show playing at the local movie theater last night, so my wife, daughter and I went to see it. And it really is pretty clever, in the end. I also watched WIN A DATE WITH TAD HAMILTON with my daughter and some friends this weekend, and it is less so.

Some people find my blog by typing in "decapitation by axe" (twice!!!) and "Tanya Dempsey's height."

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