Thursday, May 13, 2004

Standing in the Shadows of Love

Somebody actually translated my blog to Spanish to read it, according to my blog tracking program. Yesterday's entry looked like this:

Roble Dalton De Juan
El noveno círculo del nerd-dom.

Bien, estoy comenzando a oler el extremo del ANILLO DE LA BRUJA (así que hablar), la escritura seleccionada para leer después por los lectores leales de este blog humilde en nuestra encuesta en línea, tan aquí estoy más hoy, y la vez próxima tenga cuidado para qué usted desea:

Heady stuff. More alarmingly, someone found my blog by typing in "Gem and the Holograms fan sites."

My new blog picture to the right is well-traveled. It was taken some years ago by Linus O'Brien, now known as D.J. Slynus, when he was a student working for me at a modest midwestern university, uoccasionccaision that I was named Employee of the Week or Month or something. Just off screen is my award, which honestly looked a bit like an Academy Award, but if I left it in the picture there would have been more questions than answers. I had it scanned and tucked away somewhere, and it has come in handy a few times since. So there it is. Linus was a remarkably talented individual, full of kinetic energy, and so is his dad, for that matter.

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