Friday, May 28, 2004

Hell Comes To Frogtown

I've decided I'm going to the Scary Camp Horror and Sci Fi Con this weekend over in Dayton, Ohio; it's a first-time Con, so it may not be that big, but it's close by, always a plus. I'll be nosing around for freelance work and chasing that elusive mistress known as networking. If nothing else I hope to get some material for MicroCinemaScene out of it.

I didn't like any of the "Daily Dirt" memes for this week, but I stumbled across this site called The Friday Four which might fill the void in my life left by the passing of Friday Five.

1. Michael Jordan is to basketball as I am to ___ ?
Bigfoot movies.

2. Black is to white as I am to ___ ?
George W. Bush.

3. The fountain of youth is to Ponce de Leon as ___ is to me?
An Academy Award.

4. Sammy Davis Jr. is to Frank Sinatra as ___ is to me?
My thumb drive.

Maybe I'll see y'all in Dayton. If not, give me a yell at

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