Saturday, April 09, 2005


Today is the first pretty weekend day of the year so far. Thus I will be out in the yard raking, mulching, and other manly chores as decreed by my wife in the early hours. Later today I am going to the Frog Baby Film Festival at Ball State University, a student film fest, where I will see the next generation of people to rocket to stardom while I toil in my basement office. Then tonight I am going to ANYTHING GOES as performed by the theatre department of the college (I have had season tickets for many years) and probably go out to dinner after. A full day of outdoor pursuits and the inner mind. Sort of a Thoreau thing, only with cornfields all around instead of the placid Walden pond.
Last night the kids were gone, so my wife and I cooked filet mignons on the grill and drank a few pitchers of margharitas. Later we decided to watch a movie and saw the flaw in Netflix--we might have wanted to see, say, a romantic film, but Netflix does not recognize the whims of a spring evening and resolutely dispatched a documentary on architecture and VERA DRAKE, a British drama about a woman giving illegal abortions. Being 30 minutes from Blockbuster has many positives and a few serious negatives.

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