Friday, April 01, 2005

The Unfriendly Amazon

Blogger's been a bit wonky, for some reason, so this update will be brief.

I spent the day yesterday in Indianapolis judging media entries for the Indiana Arts Commission grant process. Of course this is splitting up a woefully small pie. It's like that old joke about the military having a bake sale; one day you hope it will be like, "oh, you need three fighter planes over Fallujah? Gonna have to do it with a coupla Humvees, sorry, otherwise there's no money for those tanks for Iran." Anyway, a lot of really interesting, worthy, projects submitted there.

Lots of possibilities for a next project. Right now I'm trying to polish up a few more odds and ends on Terrence Muncy's COW BOY and preparing to head out to beautiful Pennsylvania for a few days in May to see a little of the shooting on the Polonia Brothers' HELLSHOCK. Speaking of which, many people have come out of the woodwork at The Cult of Polonia here, and there are a lot of interesting posts.

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