Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Mystical Space Typhoon

My piranha movie Razorteeth streets today. Please give me a heads up if you see it anywhere. It documents the perils of wearing a bikini in a lake full of carnivores. Though a lot changed in production from my rewrite, it is pretty enjoyable throughout for fans of wall-to-wall carnage. I have always been known to be tender-hearted with characters, but this one is Shakespeare-sized with one or two people left alive to explain to everybody else. My favorite scene is probably when unflappable sportsman Ken VanSant fishes the lake with a tow hook and a tricked-out truck.

Tom Cherry has also written about his perspective on 24 Hour Comics Day here.

A site called Blogilicious reviewed my blog, and points out that I write primarily about "very weird and unpopular b-movies and comics," which unfortunately are primarily my own.

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"crusher" said...

er. what does "streets" mean?

John Oak Dalton said...

It's another way of saying the movie came out today. Just trying to live above my coolness level.


Bill Cunningham said...

I'll check for it at Amoeba - our local place to get great DVDs.

John Oak Dalton said...

Definitely keep your eyes peeled for AMONG US; PETER and RT are both rewrites, and AMONG US most represents my style of the three that are out right now.