Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Magnet

I finally decided to bite the bullet and participate in 24 Hour Comics Day this Saturday. The planets are in alignment, as my entire family is out of town, thus allowing balls-out nerdom from me. I am going to the nearby town of Anderson, Indiana to an official 24 Hour Comics Day location, Reader Copies, a cool-looking store in its own right, and then meeting up with some friends later in the day, hopefully topping off the experience with a showing of "Sin City" or maybe "Kung Fu Hustle."

I'm percolating my summer spec script also. I always try to write a spec each summer, generally met with resounding silence from the general population; including my modern dress/original prose Shakespeare adaptation of an obscure play, and my nerd-terminator opus "Rook" (although a short version of the script sparked some interest recently). We'll see if I fare better this season.

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