Thursday, April 28, 2005

Gattling Dragon

Some days the sun still shines on Flyover Country. My Yahoo fantasy baseball team, in which I drafted only pitchers and took the scraps for bats, is currently in first place. And, astoundingly, I didn't get eliminated from John Layman's American Idol-style blog competition. Says John:

Hmmm. John Oak Dalton has movie that came out this week about Piranhas called Razorteeth. . He says his WWII supernatural thriller is currently is currently being filmed. Either this guy is a huge liar, or he deserves some respect. Either way, he's clearly a cut about all the rest of these losers.Previous Odds: 8-1New Odds: 4-1

Dang, if I was going to lie, I'd pretend to be this guy. Or say I wrote Saving Private Ryan but got screwed out of the credit. Next thing you know people will be saying that those hot Swedish babes on the Internet are actually fat guys living in their mom's basements in Toledo. And that can't be true--can it? Brigit?

But one can always add Razorteeth to your Netflix queue and see for oneself where I belong in the great foodchain of life.

That soft bubbling sound may be another project percolating, or perhaps the stuffed pizza slice I had last night.

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