Thursday, April 14, 2005

Enchanted Javelin

I got a nice email in response to my rant yesterday about the cinema-youth of today: oh... john... don't worry, i enjoyed battleship potemkin. and the director's cut of the abyss is fucking awesome. watch it.

I finished in the bottom half of John Layman's American Idol blog compeitition, but didn't get "elaymanated" this week. Feel free to jump over there and help a brutha out. He alarmingly includes this comment: John Oak Dalton is our resident movie buff in this competition. We'll got a special surprise just for John schedule for the next week or so, and that is reason enough to keep him in our competition.Previous Odds: 7-1New Odds: unchanged

I'm trying to remember how many nude pictures of me there are out on the 'net.

And, all the aspiring screenwriters who pray they do better than me one day, go here immediately.

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Anonymous said...

passing judgment on someone based on a four-year-old online interview?

how ... classy. good job.