Saturday, November 08, 2003

Dirty Low Down Shame

I spent today cutting and painting the trim, and painted the door and window, in my new improved bathroom; a long day, but I still get a warm feeling when I realize our old "crackhouse bathroom" is gone into a landfill somewhere. I may try to grade some papers from my scriptwriting class tonight. Some days I get a charge from going through other people's creative process, and other days it frankly just saps your will to live (let someone say that in a writing seminar!). But I'm gaining "life experience," which is good if you are writing TERMS OF ENDEARMENT but doesn't always hold you in good stead when you're writing bigfoot movies and pirahna movies and ghost pirate movies. Speaking of which, the bulk of PETER ROTTENTAIL went before the cameras yesterday and will continue on through the weekend, I believe, and I'm eager for an update from the Polonia Brothers on how it's going. I wish I was back in the wilds of Pennsylvania shooting with them.

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