Wednesday, November 19, 2003

For anybody keeping track, I learned my Bigfoot movie AMONG US is coming out in April, RAZORTEETH is coming out in May, and PETER ROTTENTAIL right after that. No announced dates on DEMONS ON A DEAD END STREET or GIZZARD GUTS. I heard DEAD LAKE, which I rewrote over John Polonia's script and was rewritten over (I think) twice more by others, for director Bob Dennis, is still underway, and THE PAYBACK MAN is still in development. GIZZARD GUTS is coming along nicely. God knows what I'm going to do after all of this.

I grabbed a handful of old-time radio shows from the library, including THE WHISTLER and HOPALONG CASSIDY and one of my favorites, YOURS TRULY, JOHNNY DOLLAR, to listen to on my commute.

My name came back up on the waiting list at the library for the generation-spanning Brooklyn epic FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE, a challenging read that I hope to get through this time before somebody else claims it.

Over at I have recent reviews for WITCHOUSE 2, DEMONICUS, HELL'S HIGHWAY, and THE SANDMAN.

I am getting into Bill Willingham's FABLES, loaned to me by my pal Doug, a revisionist history version of fairy tales, which sounds kinda fey but is pretty engaging.

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