Friday, November 07, 2003

The Eyes of the Sun

I worked a 14-hour day on a field TV production yesterday and had a long day Wednesday, so I am finally checking back in.

I have always made fun of the whole idea of sitting in your underwear under a tree and waiting for the muse, but sometimes its tough not to wish for it a bit. Surely experience is drawn from waking life, from the floating world, and nature (as well as art) abhors a vacuum; but sometimes I could use a break.

Hopefully I will have some time tomorrow to work on my ghost pirate script and another freelance project I have promised; the keyboard goes cold in my absence. But real life often intervenes. I keep thinking, this is all life experience for future stories; but in some ways I've filled up enough life experience for an s-load of stories. So, enough for a bit.

What's that Chinese curse? "May you live in interesting times." Indeed.

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