Monday, November 10, 2003

Monday morning my head is bad...but it's worth it, for the times that I had...

I talked to Mark Polonia and found out that they knocked out a big chunk of PETER ROTTENTAIL, the voodoo-spawned killer rabbit movie, over the last few days, and they were pleased with the results. Hard to believe that a few weeks ago they didn't have a bunny suit and I hadn't sent them a script. They hope to have it done by Christmas, the first of this high-wire act of trying to finish four features in twelve months for Sub Rosa. It looks like my DEMONS ON A DEAD END STREET will be up next, so I guess I should rewrite the ending like they asked. Then it's GIZZARD GUTS, and then I'll look at the smoking ruin of my writerly life and decide what to do next. I still have to finish up a nonfiction doc script, a few new scenes on THE PAYBACK MAN for Ivan Rogers, then maybe something else that I have some very tentative feelers out for.

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