Monday, November 03, 2003

I took a day off from my reality TV program "This Damn House" on Saturday and did some gaming with my pal The Caveman in honor of his birthday. He ran "X-Crawl," a variation of D&D with an emphasis on fun and mayhem. It's good to recharge my batteries a bit and maybe get those creative juices flowing for the work to come.

I spoke with the Polonia Brothers, and they are planning their major push on PETER ROTTENTAIL this coming weekend; hopefully the weather will hold. I also spoke with Ivan Rogers about working up a few new scenes for THE PAYBACK MAN as he continues to shape up that project for the big screen. I've been trying to stick with 3-5 pages a day writing, but with the house in disarray it's been difficult. Hopefully as the dust clears, literally and figuratively this week, I will point myself back in the right direction.

I tried to take my Mac Performa down to the Mission, after being turned away by Goodwill, and was told they only take Pentium-whatever and above. And they didn't want my encyclopedias, either. What kind of tech-saturated world do we live in when the homeless shelter won't take Macs and encyclopedias?

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