Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Driver's Seat

Chunking away on a little doc script for the university here; did I mention the poem yesterday was from like the 1800s? That might have added to the flava. Tomorrow I'm going to try to set aside the whole day to hopefully finish it up; I'm about half-done today.

For the longest time I was eager to get done with this next batch of scripts, the four-feature deal through the Polonia Brothers; but now that its conclusion looms, all I see before me is the blasted plain of unrealized projects. Maybe I should type slower on the ghost pirate movie GIZZARD GUTS, and stave off the inevitable for yet another day.

On a happier note, I finished DROP CITY and had to return FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE and get back on the waiting list, so I was kind of at odds and ends for something to read (When I write a lot, it seems as if I have to constantly be feeding my head). My favorite library in Muncie is closed due to mercury poisoning (!) and the others were pretty well picked over. But I went to pick up my wife at the humble little volunteer library she works at and found two paperbacks I'd like to read; then today, I grabbed onto two more via What kind of happy-go-lucky karma is that?

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