Monday, December 08, 2003

Funky Town

Hey, I won another NFL hat today drinking Pepsi! Strange, since I just posted my last win on my blog Friday. 1 in 36 chances, indeed.

The power of blogging!

My pal Joe Sherlock (Dr. Squid) wrote to tell me that my post featuring my dream about Barry Manilow made "Copacabana" get stuck in his head. Then he passed it back to me, damn him. Of course, me titling this post "Funky Town" is in no way meant to be payback by sticking the words to that song back into his head, nor in the heads of any other persons living or dead.

In some more self-referential news, I used to find out some interesting things about who is hitting the site, and how often, and so on. So here's a shout out to all my homeboys from, who seem to be visiting regularly.

One other thing I found is that a lot of high schools seem to be hitting my site. I suspect I am getting confused with the scientist, who is of course long dead, or the fomer Secretary of the Navy, who I believe is alive.

I believe there are at least two more writing John Daltons out there that I have been confused with. One went to the University of Iowa and now teaches writing workshops all over and publishes literature, and the other (I believe) went to UCLA and now is in tech writing in Silicon Valley(as has been reported to me by people wanting them and finding me).

I have an affinity for the first one. Years ago I had to rush my wife to the hospital in the dead of night and rather dazedly opened a STORY magazine while I was waiting for the outcome and found my own name staring out at me; just one of many strange things in that long horrible night.

I stand before you as their shabby doppelganger, to warn about the perils of reading comics and watching b-movies and playing D&D; one path leads to the Iowa Writer's Workshop and Silicon Valley, the other leads to a basement office and scripts about sasquatches and ghost pirates and killer piranha.

But which, indeed, is the road less traveled?

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