Saturday, December 27, 2003

Saturday Night's All Right For Fighting

The post-Christmas fugue has set in here. The holiday passed pleasantly enough, and the weather held out, which is all you can hope for. I got some good swag--clothes and tools and winemaking equipment and some fun CDs and games. I puttered around a bit yesterday and today, somewhat at loose ends. It is the longest I have been off of work for a while.

My son and brother and I will play a big Axis and Allies marathon and take in RETURN OF THE KING. And my daughter will play some basketball. It's nice to not have more complex plans. It's been a long time since that was the case.

Yesterday I got a couple of 'zines in the mail from my pal Joe Sherlock, a pleasant surprise. Definitely capture a cool Oregon scene that I am far removed from here at the Crossroads of America. So my thoughts turn again to something I might be able to cook out over the break. One good thing about migraines--my mind always starts brimming with ideas afterwards. I love zines and homebrewed comics--just like microcinema, it is more in the doing; telling the world: I exist.

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