Sunday, December 28, 2003

The Long and Winding Road

Post Christmas at the dawn of a new century. My wife is listening to the CHICAGO soundtrack downstairs (both versions, stage and screen); my daughter is playing THE SIMS while listening to LET IT BE (NAKED), given to her by a hopeful beau yesterday. She is a whimsical god, in a world prone to kitchen fires. My son is playing VICE CITY in his room, and I am trying not to think about the moral implications. I am reading some rewrites on THE PAYBACK MAN and listening to Johnny Cash, while dabbling in a video game my brother bought me called FREEDOM FORCE. Maybe tonight, Scrabble or Tripoli or Euchre and a movie.

The Sunday morning paper is a recap of all the happy and sad and funny and tragic shit that happened in 2003. This time next year we will be reading more of the same that happened in 2004. And so it goes.

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