Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Rock and Roll Part 2

Tonight my daughter has a basketball game against the mighty Wapahani Raiders (called, in common high school lingo even back in my day, the Wipe-your-heinie Raiders) and I am going to keep the stats for JV and Varsity again. I started doing this because I thought the girls deserved as much care and attention as the boys in sports; you would never see the boys varsity coach go up in the stands to find someone to keep stats, like my daughter's coach had to do. I kept the stats for my daughter's offseason and AAU teams, so I offered to do it.

I think I have a knack for it; I contribute my multitasking ability to my time spent directing newscasts early in my media career; my son contributes it to my many years spent DMing "Dungeons and Dragons."

D&D pays off again!

I love women's sports now. I remember a couple of years ago my daughter's middle-school basketball team was having just an okay season but was able to get to the county championships against hated rival Winchester. I was kicking back deciding I was going to be a progressive, liberal parent and just enjoy all the girls' successes and abilities.

Until my daughter stole the ball and got a layup, and then did it again right after, and then one of the other parents said, "How do you like that, dad?" which I didn't respond to as I was standing on my bleacher seat baying for blood.

Go Bears!

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