Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Telephone Line

After I was crowing about winning those two NFL hats somebody at work said that I should check out the Pepsi website. Sure enough, all one million hats have already been given away.

Well, life's a roller coaster.

They are offering phone cards, though. Not as much fun as an NFL hat.

I think another hole in my life has formed since the local Sunday paper dropped PRINCE VALIANT a few weeks ago. I've been reading that thing since I was a kid. Great art, leisurely, intelligent storytelling...I guess it's a wonder it has hung on this long.

I heard the new mix of the theme song from THE PAYBACK MAN (which I wrote the screenplay for director Ivan Rogers) last night after getting it in the mail from the director. It's by Big Prodeje and the South Central Cartel. It's a real knockout, a great rap. If the movie turns out as tough and edgy as this song we will be in business.

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