Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Wichita Lineman

When I had a migraine Sunday I was at my mother-in-law's Christmas open house, so I crawled upstairs and crashed into a bed. I felt like the bed was rocking, and I had the clearest vision that I was on a boat watching the sunset in Panama City, Florida. I felt so sick that when I met a guy who was a big comics collector my brain started misfiring so much I could hardly talk to him.

Today is one of those shadowy post-days, compounded with a sore throat and some other lingering malaise. But as is often the case after a migraine, my mind is percolating with all of the writing I would like to do over the break.

Which probably won't include much from my blog. My dial-up from home is pretty much a tin can on a string. I will try, but I suspect I will be back in action around January 5 or so.

All I hope for the holidays is the same as always; peace, sanity, safety.

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