Wednesday, December 31, 2003

I Dig A Pony

Yesterday my son, my brother, and my son's friend played the massive "Axis and Allies" board game campaign we had wanted to try over the holidays. Germany took a curiously passive stance after an aggressive campaign against the Russians and rallied their forces acround the capital. Thus Britain was able to make a dangerous landing in Poland and charged with the Soviets across the landscape. But the Japanese, in trying to shore up their Nazi allies, made a surprise back door invasion of Russia and terrorized Moscow until the U.S. broke their back in the Pacific and the Communists chucked them back into the steppes. Then the U.S. and Britain had to bomb Germany into submission. A close call, but after six hours of dice-rolling another parallel universe can rest easy.

Today we'll go to dinner with my family and go to an easygoing party with family and friends. I have been going over some pages for THE PAYBACK MAN and will really need to hit that over the weekend.

What are my New Years' resolutions? See my kids through another year safe and sound. Lose 20 pounds. Stay disciplined and focused with my writing. Get a couple of movies on the video shelf or in the theater. Maybe even start my own project.

Good luck in 2004, everybody!

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