Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Love on a Two-Way Street

I learned today that DEATH LAKE, falling in step with RAZORTEETH, has suspended shooting for the winter months. Hopefully both will start up again when the sun shines again across this great land.

And speaking of suspended, I'm trying to get the gears turning again after a pretty long holiday layoff from writing. I'd like to think I recharged my batteries, but I feel like that cold engine trying to turn over on a subzero morn. I have been going through some pages and buffing up a few things, warming up for hopefully another long stretch of work. I've got PAYBACK MAN to work on, GIZZARD GUTS to wrap up, the ending of DEMONS ON A DEAD END STREET to rework, plus a few more things in the wings.

Today I got interviewed for the office newsletter from my day job. News of the upcoming releases of AMONG US and PETER ROTTENTAIL got leaked out and I have been bombarded with questions, all in all a pleasant experience. Many have expressed surprise that I had, as one person put it, a "secret life." Even more succinctly, I received the following real email:

"Dear God. I had no idea. Someone must rescue you from that mess. I knew you were writing these things, but I didn't know you had written this many of them or what they were. "

It's true, even though I've been shakin' my business all over the Internet I've been more circumspect in my real life. There are just so many ups and downs in this biz, and besides, how do you work it into a conversation?

Here's a sample discussion I had today at work: "Well, we moved the system from DTMF control over twisted pair to IP control over the backbone, but figuring out how it was going to talk to the VME was the tough part."

Now where is the Bigfoot in that? Hence and so.

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